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Social Security Retirement Estimator Now Online

Jul 17, 2011

What will your Social Security benefits be at retirement?  The Social Security Administration, for expense savings,  has suspended sending out written estimates but is now providing an online Retirement Estimator at    If you had been receiving the annual written Retirement Estimator you will need to make your request online in the future.  The online estimator will not come automatically so you will need to mark your calendar to make an online request annually.   

The Retirement Estimator calculates your benefits based on: 
•Your actual earnings history as maintained by the Social Security Administration;
•Additional information you provide about future earnings; and
•The age at which you expect to stop working.

The Retirement Estimator lets you produce a quick retirement payment "estimate" and create additional retirement scenarios.  Receiving the estimator provides an excellent way to plan your retirement and verify your Social Security earnings and benefits.  

Source: Social Security Administration


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