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Montana Workers Comp Reform Urgent

Feb 25, 2011

Montana Rep. Scott Reichner wants to reform Montana’s workers compensation system. Montana has the most expensive workers' compensation premium rates in the country with an average of $3.33 per every $100 of payroll going to pay workers' compensation premiums, according to a report released by the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services.

Rep. Reichner said he expects the state's House of Representatives to pass a GOP-backed bill that, if approved by the Senate and signed by the state's governor, would mark the most comprehensive workers' compensation overhaul in the state's history. But the bill still faces tough opposition from those who take issue with some of its provisions, particularly the bill's cutoff date for those who receive medical assistance.  H.B. 334, which Reichner introduced in August, is one of two bills that have been working their way through the Republican-controlled House.

"For far too long, we have seen businesses pull out of Montana because our workers' comp rates are too high. These rates put far too great a burden on our ability to create jobs," Reichner said, noting that Montana borders North Dakota, which has the lowest workers' compensation premium rates in the country. He said that workers' compensation is one of the top issues his constituents raise when he meets with them.   Read more  at  (attach link below)

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